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  • FDA Regulated Process

    laundry-jenie uses FDA approved sanitizer and is USDA certified organic

  • Long Lasting UV Disinfection

    Your clothes will be disinfected until the item is exposed to the contaminated area again!

  • Environmental Friendly

    The oxidizer naturally dissipate back into pure oxygen in approximately 7 minutes

Why Use Our Services?

  • Proven to kill SARS COVID 19

    Minimizing this risk is key because COVID-19 virus can live on plastic and steel surfaces for up to 3 days. Normal cleaning and disinfection may leave behind some residual contamination, which UV can treat suggesting that a multiple disinfectant approach is prudent.

  • Proven to kill MRSA

    Superbugs are strains of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens that have developed a resistance to antibiotics and other medications used to treat the diseases and infections they cause. UV lighting can be a lifesaver here because viruses and bacteria cannot resist its germ-killing effects whereas pathogens can learn to resist antibiotics and even chemical cleaners.

  • Proven to kill Ecoli

    UV lighting can't replace regular hygiene practices, but is a successful complement to these strategies.

  • Proven to reduce stains better than bleach

    Cleaning process fights germs and stains leaving your clothes brighter and in like new condition longer.

  • Proven to increase fabric life span by effectiveness in cooler temperatures

    Drying time reduced by 10 minutes. Suitable for baby’s clothes dog beds, gym clothes, bedding, curtains and delicates.

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Fig: Microscopic changes to bacteria when uv light hits it

Our 40 lb washing capacity can hold a multitude of heavy duty items.

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